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Wash your hair correctly!

I understand, you might be thinking, why a blog about how to wash my hair if this is so easy? Although many people consider that washing their hair is the easiest thing in the world, let us tell you that it is one of the practices that most people do incorrectly. This is attributed to many things, whether due to lack of knowledge of your porosity, little information about it because it is easy and so on.

The hair should be washed based on some things that will help you make the most of the products you buy, so it is always good to understand that healthy hair does not only depend on one product, but must be a balance between products + techniques + knowledge. Next we'll explain what basic things you should handle as basics:

What is your porosity?

Knowing your porosity is a fundamental key to understanding what your hair needs, what products you should apply and how it works. People who have high porosity hair should mostly wash with cold water so that the cuticle can be kept more closed as opposed to low porosity. On the other hand, when putting on masks, you should start by applying them at the time of the prepoo instead of the shower for better results, and why? This is because the masks while you shower are mixed with water and the strand hydrates more, it does not moisturize as much.

People with low porosity, on the other hand, should wash their hair with warm water so that in this way they can open their cuticles and take advantage of the nutrients and oils that the products provide, it is more advisable to use masks when washing in the shower, since the strand maintains a lot of moisture for longer time.

Conditioners are easier to handle, since they will be applied in the same way for all porosities. When applying yours try to divide the hair into small sections and massage from the tip to the root, this is also a good technique to detangle with your fingers, when you are done try to leave it at least 10 minutes resting so that your hair can absorb it and Bualaaaaa!

We hope you liked it, you see, washing your hair correctly makes a difference!

By: My Hair Story

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